University Express Program Highlights

University ExpressSM employs a unique approach to provide participants with the necessary academic and cultural training for successful study at an American university. Students enroll in intensive English for Academic Purposes courses, small group study skills courses, and private individualized tutoring sessions. Each student has a personal team consisting of a principal tutor, course instructors, and a university admissions counselor. Each team works closely with individual students to prepare them for successful transition to a U.S. university. Instructors and tutors are experienced, highly-trained professionals with master’s or Ph.D. degrees, and many have taught at U.S. higher education institutions.
University ExpressSM offers a clear Pathway to a U.S. university degree.


Comprehensive University Preparation:

Intensive Academic English Coursework
24-26 hours of classroom instruction per week with other students, delivered in small, multinational classes.  Class activities and assignments focus on preparing for university study including:

  • Reading intensively and extensively
  • Preparing for academic lecture classes
  • Listening to lectures and taking notes
  • Giving academic presentations
  • Writing essays
  • Developing academic vocabulary
  • Developing effective study skills
  • Strengthening critical thinking skills
  • Conducting Internet and library research
  • Understanding U.S. university culture

Individual, Customized Tutorials
4 hours per week of one-to-one instruction with a tutor.  These tutorials include:

  • Individual needs assessment
  • Individualized English language instruction
  • Preparation for standardized tests

Test Preparation
Students develop and practice essential test-taking skills for standardized exams such as:

Additional Features:
University Placement Service
A specialized designated student adviser meets with University ExpressSM students to support them throughout the university admission process. Services include:

  • Orientation to the admission process
  • Guidance in selecting appropriate university options
  • Assistance with university admissions applications, including:
    • meeting deadlines
    • registering for required exams
    • completing and submitting required forms
    • monitoring admission status

Student advisers can assist students in applying for conditional admission to selected colleges and universities, as part of their efforts to obtain an F-1 (student) visa. Request additional information on the University ExpressSM application form.

University Course Auditing for students with Advanced English Proficiency
University ExpressSM students experience the U.S. university classroom firsthand by attending a semester-long course. The advising team will guide students in selecting appropriate courses from several local universities and colleges.

Enrichment Activities
Extracurricular events and activities available to University ExpressSM students include cultural activities, volunteer opportunities, social events, and university athletic events.

Program Cost Includes:

  • Tuition for all courses and private tutorials
  • All books and other instructional materials
  • Academic advising and university placement service
  • Assistance with housing arrangements
  • Arrival and settling-in assistance, including airport pickup
  • Advising for student visa processing
  • Enrichment activities

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SUMMER 2017 Classes

START: May 30, 2017

Session 1:  May 30 – August 3
Weeks: 10 | Register:  May 25

FALL 2017 Classes

START: September 5, 2017

Session 1:  Sep 5 – Dec 14
Weeks: 15 | Register:  Aug 30-31

Session 2:  Oct 23 – Dec 14
Weeks: 8 | Register:  Oct 18

SPRING 2018 Classes

START: January 16, 2018

Session 1:  Jan 16 – May 10
Weeks: 16 | Register:  Jan 10-11

Session 2:  March 21 – May 10
Weeks: 8 | Register:  March 19

Key Course Features


Comprehensive, individualized preparation for university study


Lectures, discussions, note-taking, TOEFL/IELTS practice


Academic discussions and presentations, debates, panels, conversations, pronunciation


Academic, technical, and general topics, vocabulary and idioms, TOEFL/IELTS practice


Essays, research papers, TOEFL/IELTS practice


Systematic and comprehensive approach, TOEFL/IELTS practice


Internet and library research and academic projects

Field Trips

Educational field trips and enrichment activities


Two to four hours per day