Texas University Pathway Program

Texas University Pathway, a 30 hour per week intensive pathway program, prepares university-bound
international students for admission and academic success at Texas universities. Through our
partnership with 31 Texas public colleges and universities, the program provides a pathway that offers
conditional admission and TOEFL waivers to students completing the highest language level at TIEP.

Our proven pathway program includes:

• 18 hours per week of intensive English learning
• 8 hours per week of supplemental learning
• 4 hours per week of guided practicum
• Online TOEFL Preparation
• Opportunities to earn university credit while finishing ESL
• Guidance on navigating the university application process
• Internship and volunteer opportunities
• Student Support Services
• Advisor guided student action plan
• Four day instruction schedule
• Medical Insurance
• Textbooks and other instructional materials


Apply for Texas University Pathway program Download Application Form (pdf) Online Payment Form

The Texas University Pathway costs $5,000 per seven week term with a minimum registration of two seven week terms (approximately 1 semester in fall or spring).