Housing Information

Options for housing include dormitories, apartments, cooperatives, and homestays. If you would like assistance with housing, please contact us. Please see the information below for local housing options, or download our housing list (pdf) for more information.

Local housing options include dormitories, apartments, cooperatives, and homestays. Descriptions and resources for each option are listed below.  This information is provided as a sample of housing options available in Austin, Texas.  TIEP does not own or manage any residences or housing service and assumes no responsibilities for any misrepresentations or misstatements of fact by housing providers.



The following dormitories are within 5-20 minutes walking distance of TIEP.  Private or shared accommodations and meal plans are available.  Prices vary according to the room size, the meal plan, the payment plan, and single or double occupancy.  For current information about rates and availability, contact the dormitories listed below or visit their websites.

The Castilian
2323 San Antonio St., Austin, Texas 78705
phone: 512-478-9811

Dobie Twenty21
2021 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas 78705
phone: 512-505-1000

The Goodall Wooten
2112 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas 78705
phone: 512-485-7500

University Towers
801 West 24th St., Austin, Texas 78705
phone: 512-253-8540



Students prepare own meals. Apartment size varies greatly.  Furnished or unfurnished available. Students may have to pay own utilities (electricity, water and gas).  Many apartments are within walking distance of TIEP.

General Price Range for Apartments:

  • Unfurnished, One-bedroom Apartment: $600 – $1300 per month plus utilities
  • Unfurnished, Private Room in Two-bedroom Apartment: $550 – $1,000 per month per room plus shared utilities
  • Furniture rental (optional): $140 – $170 per month

The following companies can help you find an apartment.  Their services are free.

Simply International
600 West 28th Street, Unit 203, Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: 512-537-7164

Apartment Finders Service
600 West 28th Street, Suite 101, Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: 512-322-9556

Terri Fulton, Real Estate Agent, 24th Street Realty
504 West 24th Street, Suite E
Phone: 512-736-6736


Cooperatives (Co-ops)

Co-ops are non-profit, student managed housing.  Residents perform household duties in return for reduced rent. Room rates include food and utilities (water, electricity, and gas).  Many co-ops are within walking distance of TIEP.

General Price Range for Cooperatives, food included:

  • August to May:  $565 per month shared room, $720 per month private room
  • June and July:  $520 per month shared room, $645 per month private room

Information about cooperatives may be obtained by contacting:

The Inter-Cooperative Council has nine houses in Central Austin.
Office address:  2305 Nueces St., Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: (512) 476-1957                Email:  info@iccaustin.coop

College Houses Cooperatives has seven West Campus co-ops.
Office address:  1906 Pearl St., Austin, Texas 78705
Phone: (512) 476-5678                Email:  info@collegehouses.org



Simply International or My International Family may be able to help you with a homestay in the Austin area.