Total Estimated Expenses for Study in University ExpressSM

Below are total estimated costs of tuition and fees, living expenses, and personal expenses for each University Express session.  All costs are approximate and subject to change.

The U.S. government requires international students to submit proof of financial support to receive an F-1 visa for study in the United States.  You will need to provide a bank statement or letter from a financial institution with these minimum amounts as part of the I-20 request process.  For dependents (spouse or child under 21 years old), add $500 per month per person.

Summer 2018 Total Estimated Expenses

11 Weeks

$ 10,600

May 29 - August 9

Fall 2018 Total Estimated Expenses

8 Weeks

$ 8,650

October 22 - December 13

15 Weeks

$ 15,590

September 4 - December 13

Spring 2019 Total Estimated Expenses

8 Weeks

$ 8,650

March 27 - May 16

16 Weeks

$ 16,250

January 22 - May 16

MEDICAL INSURANCE   All TIEP students with F-1 and J-1 visas must either show proof of medical insurance or purchase a plan at registration.  The plan needs to cover a minimum of $100,000 per sickness or injury. Please be prepared to pay tuition and other fees at registration with cash (U.S. currency), a personal check drawn on a U.S. bank, a bank draft in U.S. dollars, traveler’s checks or VISA™/MasterCard™/Discover™/American Express™.