TIEP’s Intensive ESL Programs

English for Communication and Culture:  Overview

TIEP’s English for Communication and Culture program is designed for individuals with intermediate to advanced English proficiency who want to improve their English for personal and professional purposes. All levels emphasize listening and speaking, but also practice reading and writing for everyday use, as well as for professional situations. Course content varies depending on students’ interests. The program provides 20 hours of classroom instruction per week.

Actual program offerings are dependent upon enrollment; availability may vary.

The 4-week and 3-week sessions offered during the summer are separate from other courses. 

Depending on enrollment, students who register for the 4-week and 8-week sessions that begin in January may be placed in classes with students who register for the 16-week session.  Students who register for the 7-week session that begins in August may be placed in classes with students who register for the 15-week session.

Students who register for the 8-week sessions that begin in March and October may be placed in ongoing classes at the appropriate level.

The Registration Fee includes tuition, books, and additional services.

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Intermediate Level

Level 138

This intermediate course emphasizes integrated English language skills development.  It includes a variety of communicative activities, discussions, dialogs, videos, simplified reading materials and writing tasks for personal and professional situations, as well as guest speakers and field trips related to course material.

High Intermediate to Advanced Levels

Level 148 & 158

Levels 148 and 158 focus on comprehensive language skill refinement with immediate application in everyday and professional contexts. The courses include use of authentic reading materials from cultural and professional situations, authentic writing tasks to enable students to function more effectively in social and professional situations, videos, guest speakers and field trips to integrate learning into the everyday world. Speaking tasks include practice in public speaking, presentations, and negotiations for personal and professional situations.

The course content of level 158 varies from semester to semester, so level 158 may be taken more than once.

Actual course availability may vary from semester to semester depending on enrollment.

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Spring 2017 Classes

START: January 17, 2017

Session 1:  Jan 17 – May 11
Weeks: 16 | Register:  Jan 11-12

Session 2:  Jan 17 – March 10
Weeks: 8 | Register:  Jan 11-12

Session 3:  Jan 17 – Feb 10
Weeks: 4 | Register:  Jan 11-12

Session 4:  March 22 – May 11
Weeks: 8 | Register:  March 20

Summer 2017 Classes

START: May 30, 2017

Session 1:  May 30 – Aug 3
Weeks: 10 | Register:  May 25

Session 2:  June 26 – July 21
Weeks: 4 | Register:  June 21

Session 3:  July 24 – Aug 11
Weeks: 3 | Register:  July 19

FALL 2017 Classes

START: September 5, 2017

Session 1:  Sep 5 – Dec 14
Weeks: 15 | Register:  Aug 30-31

Session 2:  Sep 5 – Oct 20
Weeks: 7 | Register:  Aug 30-31

Session 3:  Oct 23 – Dec 14
Weeks: 8 | Register:  Oct 18

Key Course Features


Communicative activities, videos, guest speakers, presentations


Discussions and presentations for social and professional situations, including meetings, interviews, Skype and phone conversations, as well as pronunciation


General and intercultural topics, including professional practices in the U.S.


Correspondence for personal and professional situations, including emails, business letters, memos, resumes, and reports


Emphasis on usage and application


Community-based research for reports, video projects, or professional projects

Field Trips

3-5 field trips corresponding to class focus and interests


Two to four hours per day