Custom Group Programs & Private Lessons

Customized programs are designed for sponsoring agencies, governments, educational institutions, private companies, and individuals contracting special programs or private lessons to meet specific training needs and goals. Contact us for more information.

Custom-Designed Programs

The most popular types of customized programs are TESOL training for English teachers and Language and Culture programs for high school students, university students, and others.  We would be pleased to design a program just for your group.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Focus:  Communicative Competency in the TESOL Classroom.
Includes:  Overview of EFL/ESL methodologies, practical applications of EFL/ESL teaching techniques, visits to schools and class observations.

Language and Culture Programs
Focus:  Improving English skills and experiencing and learning about U.S. and Texas culture.    Includes:  English classes, culture classes, and numerous social and cultural activities and excursions.

Executive English Seminars
Focus:  Corporate English Communication
Includes:  Training in English speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills appropriate in U.S. and international business environments, company visits, expert guest speakers.

Examples of our teacher and professional training program experience are available here.

Private Lessons

TIEP offers customized, one-to-one English training for non-native speakers of English. Design a learning plan that meets your specific interests and needs.  Advantages of private lessons at TIEP include:

  • Individual instruction to maximize your learning and progress.
  • Individual needs assessment and evaluation of English skills to create a focused curriculum that addresses your needs efficiently.
  • Expert, flexible instruction that constantly adapts to your level of English proficiency, needs, and interests.
  • Instructional topics for your specific interests, for example:
    • English for Business Communication
    • Academic English
    • General English
    • English for the Workplace
    • Pronunciation Skills
    • Conversation Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Test preparation, including IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, GRE
  • Flexible schedule
    • Available any time of the year
    • Minimum of 15 total hours
    • Up to 45 hours of instruction per week to create an English immersion experience to maximize learning
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of the lessons.
  • Lessons can be held at TIEP, off-site in the Austin area, or online.

Specialized Group Courses

TIEP designs and teaches numerous kinds of English language and closely related U.S. culture courses for non-U.S. high school student and university student groups.  TIEP also offers customized training courses for English teachers, as well as other professional and adult groups.  These programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each group and can be offered in Texas or online.  Group courses can be planned and taught any time of the year and have ranged in length from one week to six months.