Application Instructions for Texas University Pathway (TUP) Program


  • Type your first and last name exactly as it is printed in your passport identification page. This is very important!
  • Add these files to the application form (.pdf, .jpg, .png):
    1. Passport identification page– Add a scan of the passport identification page for applicant and dependents (required with application).
    2. Financial documents– If requesting an I-20, add a bank statement or a letter of financial guarantee showing that you have sufficient funds to cover expenses while studying at the Texas Intensive English Program.
    3. High School Transcript- Add a scan of your high school transcript.
    4. English Proficiency Score- Add a scan of your proficiency test score.  See below for approved tests and minimum proficiency scores.  If you do not have a score, you may take our online placement test instead.  A link to the test will be sent to you after you have applied and paid the nonrefundable application fee.



To Pay by Credit Card 

Online payment.  It’s quick and secure using VeriSign or Flywire processing!  The name entered at the payment site should match the name on the application form so that we know who the payment is for. (If the name isn’t the same, please contact us.)

If you have problems sending a Flywire payment, call Flywire’s customer support number (1-800-346-9252).

Other Ways to Pay 
Payment can also be made by a bank draft in U.S. dollars, or a personal check drawn on a U.S. bank (make checks payable to: Texas Intensive English Program).  DO NOT mail cash.
Contact TIEP for details on these payment methods.



  • We will examine your application and contact you if we need additional documents, or have questions about your application.
  • Please allow three to five days for processing your payment.
  • After we have all the required documents and payment, we will make a decision about your acceptance.
  • If you meet our qualifications for acceptance, we will prepare and mail your I-20 (if needed).  We will contact you with the express mail tracking number if you’ve paid for that optional service.