Become a Representative for TIEP

TIEP values its relationships with its agency partners and welcomes inquiries from agencies that are interested in working with TIEP to our mutual benefit and satisfaction. To learn more about becoming an authorized representative for TIEP, please send an email to and include your contact information. Thank you for your interest.

TIEP welcomes student referrals from student recruitment organizations.

TIEP works with agency partners that provide high quality services and adhere to the guidelines for ethical conduct and recruitment of students set forth in NAFSA’s Statement of Ethical Principles.

TIEP is an Institutional Member of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC).

The mission of AIRC is to work to safeguard the interests of both international students and educational institutions through the promotion of ethical, standards-based international recruitment practices.  TIEP adheres to AIRC’s Best Practice Guidelines for Institutional Members.

Contract-backed Relationships

TIEP representatives receive a Certificate of Representation upon signing a contract to recruit individuals and groups to participate in ESL courses and other training programs offered by TIEP and TIEC.  The contract outlines responsibilities, the duration of the agreement, and financial arrangements, including payment information, invoice preferences, and the commission structure.

Tiered Commission Structure

We believe that greater recruitment results should receive greater rewards.  With our tiered commission structure, the more annual tuition an authorized agency generates, the more its commission payment has the potential to increase.  To learn more about commissions, contact Angelique Pearson.

Reliable Communication

Every agency receives priority service and is encouraged to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.   We will respond quickly to your messages.  We respect the value of your time and appreciate the efforts you make on behalf of your students.

Customized Service

Don’t see the perfect program for one or more students?  Contact us to learn about custom options.  We will work especially hard to accommodate groups and high priority students.