Yuan Xue - Texas Intensive English Program

Yuan Xue

I feel I am lucky that I can study English at TIEP for one semester. In 16 short weeks, I changed my feeling from original strangeness to current enjoyment. TIEP has perfect teaching system, excellent teacher resources and adorable students from different countries. I have been in America almost four months. Compared with before, I became more confident and happier. I am no longer worried about speaking English, because all teachers at TIEP listen to me with patience. Whenever I have questions, they all try their best to help me solve these troublesome questions. After class, teachers are just like my friends. We may speak freely and say what we like.

After graduating from high school, I chose to study in America. Due to my limited English, I was convinced that I had to study in an English Program firstly. Originally, I hope that TIEP can help me know more about American life and improve my English speaking quickly. When my first semester comes to an end, I want to say that I have made a right decision to study at TIEP. It helps me realize my dream of going to an American college with the shortest time. During my study at TIEP, I have mastered a lot about academic skills. For example, I have learned how to write research papers, reference papers, and so on. In reading class, I was exposed to authentic academic materials. During listening and speaking class, my teacher always gives us splendid lectures and organizes group discussion with meaningful topics. My favorite is Grammar class, because I think English Grammar, like a very useful key, can help me open a real English environment. Now, I would like to talk with my friends in English, and I am also fully prepared to go to university. Thanks to my teachers!

If you are an international student who wants to study in an American university, I suggest you to come to study at TIEP. You can lay a solid foundation in English and make a lot of friends from different parts of the world. Meanwhile, the University of Texas at Austin is close to TIEP, so full-bodied academic atmosphere will make you relaxed. I am glad that I can study at TIEP during the initial period of time in America. This study experience made me have deep understanding of American life. I hope that TIEP can help more and more aspiring students make their American university dream come true.