Xing Wei (Wilson) - Texas Intensive English Program

Xing Wei (Wilson)

I still clearly remember how poor my English was when I just arrived in the U.S. At the Los Angeles airport I did not even know what the word “transfer” meant. After one year of life in TIEP, I am going to study in Lamar University. I am able to start my academic life in America. To be honest I am not an expert about exams. However I firmly believe what supports me in studying English is confidence. Believe you can speak English well. Open your mouth, speak bravely, and don’t care too much about your mistakes.

I am from China. From my point of view, all eastern Asian students have the same problem. A barrier to our English progress is a cultural difference. We are too quiet in class. Even though Asian students are smart enough and thoughtful enough, our character makes it hard for us to open our mouths to give our opinions. When a group of international students hang out together, eastern Asian students always are the quietest group. Therefore my friends, don’t be shy, don’t be afraid of your accent. Tell us your opinion loudly. We just studied this word individualism. The U.S. is a different country. To be an individual and be confident of your opinion is the way to success in this country!

In TIEP the most precious value is not learning English. I believe the chance to make friends with students from all the world is the most valuable point. Study cultures, thoughts, and ideas you didn’t know before. Make yourself become a global and thoughtful person, not only someone from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or Korea. In TIEP, culture shock could happen anytime, but whenever culture shock happens, it is a chance to improve yourself, to open your view. I believe everyone who has studied at TIEP has a wide outlook. If university teaches you what is true in our world, TIEP teaches you how to live in the world.  Studying so many different ideas from different countries in a classroom at TIEP is such a precious opportunity.

In conclusion, I want to take this chance to thank all the TIEP teachers who have helped me. Thanks for helping me get through the hardest times after I had just arrived here. Thanks for helping me adapt to American humor. Thanks for teaching us academic English. Thanks for making me realize how brilliant the different cultures are in our classroom.  Thanks to all my friends for accompanying me in TIEP. Without you I would never have realized what a rich and colorful world we are living in!