I Sak Kim (Isaac) - Texas Intensive English Program

I Sak Kim (Isaac)

Thank you so much for letting me give this graduation speech.  Hi. My name is Isaac from south Korea.  I have been in the US for 5 months since March this year.  I was in level 148 and 160 with my lovely teachers; Mrs. Nicole, Jill, Abby and Andrea.  I will not forget these last two semesters in TIEP.  There were a lot of happy experiences as well as improving my English.  All of us came here to the United States with a same purpose, which is Learning English.  The first thing we did when we just started to learn English, is the ABC alphabet.  Listen what I’m saying.  This is ABCs that I have learnt here from my amazing teachers and you, my awesome friends.  Let me start from the first letter A.

A – Achieve! We are trying to Achieve the goal.
B – Brave! Be Brave whatever you do.
C – Curiosity! We have Curiosity in our life.
D – Decide! We can Decide what we will do.
E – Encourage! Encourage someone else.
F – This is not the F word you are thinking. Fight! Fight the obstacles on our way up.
G – Grace! Much Grace on our journey.
H – Happy! I’m so Happy to meet you guys.
I – Imagine! Imagine what kind of person we will be.
J – Jackpot! We’re gonna get a Jackpot!
K – Keep going on! All we need is keeping on. Keep going on.
L – Love! ❤ I love you all!
M – Make! We can Make everything possible.
N – Never give up! Never never never give up!
O – Overcome! We can Overcome our Obstacles.
P – Patient! Be Patient to be Perfect.
Q – Question! Even though The Questions will always follow us.
R – Respect! Respect opponents even if they have different opinions because
S – we are the S. Students.
T of T. T.I.E.P
U – Use! Use your talent.
V – VIP! All of us are VIPs.
W – Waiting! Thank you for Waiting for my long speech. It’s almost done.
X – X-ray! X-ray what people want.
Y Say Yes! There is nothing we can not say Yes.
Z and the last letter Z. Be Zealous about what we’re doing!

ABC is our life.
Don’t forget the reason why you are learning this.
Thank you.