Po Ju Yen - Texas Intensive English Program

Po Ju Yen

A decade ago, my parents had probably thought through what you or your parents are considering – learn better English. By placing myself in a foreign location, I needed a suitable institution where I could learn better English. This was a key factor to speaking better English and avoiding or lessening the effects of culture shocks.

Why Austin and TIEP? I attended TIEP for 3 semesters during my first time living away from my parents. It was one of my most tremendous and memorable life experiences. TIEP provided me with a high standard of education, which has prepared me for further education in the States. I have obtained a bachelor’s and a graduate school degree in the States; and, I am currently employed as an engineer in Los Angeles, CA.

TIEP is situated in Austin which is rated as one of the safest places to live. TIEP is just located a couple blocks away from the main campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Not only could you utilize the resources that TIEP provides, but also you could access some facilities and some free activities that are offered to the public by the City of Austin and the University of Texas.

Looking back at my 10 years of living experience in the States, I strongly appreciate what TIEP has provided to me and given me the practical experiences that have helped me achieve my American Dreams. If I could make it, I’m sure all of you could make it as well!!