Nasser Busbait - Texas Intensive English Program

Nasser Busbait

I am writing at the end of my third semester at TIEP. My first semester started almost a year ago. During these 12 months, I learned a lot in Levels 130, 150, and 160, over a total of 620 hours! That’s intensive English!!

Among the many things that I learned at TIEP this year, I learned how to communicate in an academic context. A year ago, I didn’t know how to write an essay in English. Over the past 12 months, I have written many essays, and now I am prepared to write more essays in the university. Over the past three semesters at TIEP I also learned how to communicate orally, giving speeches in class every two weeks and becoming more confident and more prepared for the university.

During the year at TIEP, I have had classmates from many countries of the world. I learned about their customs, religions, and other aspects of their cultures. I even tried their food – from Brazil, Taiwan, Korea and other countries.

During this year at TIEP, I have gotten to know many teachers and staff members. I want to thank all of them for making this such a positive and productive academic and cultural experience for me. Thanks to my year of studies at TIEP and the help of its instructors and staff members, I’m moving across the United States from Austin, Texas to Corvallis, Oregon where I will begin my undergraduate degree at Oregon State University next semester.

As I continue in my academic career, I thank TIEP faculty and staff for all of their support this past year, and I wish them the best, as they continue they careers working with international students from all around the world.