Masayuki Akaishi - Texas Intensive English Program

Masayuki Akaishi

I studied English at the Texas Intensive English Program for four months. First, when I decided to study abroad, in all honesty, I was very afraid and nervous because I hadn’t studied English since high school, and I didn’t like it then. Also I had never been overseas for a long stay. But I needed English in my job, and I thought it was a very important thing for my future. Also, I wanted to change my mind about English and broaden my horizons.

I went to the United States with the intention of making a desperate effort to learn English. Next I got a good education at TIEP. It has many good teachers and a good educational teaching style. Their teaching style is different from Japanese style. At first I was confused, and I couldn’t understand. But they taught me very carefully. I liked their classes and their teaching style. Finally, I could make many new friends. They are of many nationalities. We talked about our own countries, so I learned about the culture of many countries.

In conclusion, for four months I made an effort to learn English. I think it was a great experience for me to see American culture and find the importance of communication in English. My English isn’t perfect yet, but I have learned to enjoy studying English and plan to continue learning more so I can use it in my job. Now I would like to thank my teachers and my friends. I am most grateful to you!