Lucila Barbosa - Texas Intensive English Program

Lucila Barbosa

I’m so glad that I made the right decision choosing TIEP. First of all, I found there enthusiastic and excellent teachers, who have a lot of experience. In addition to their support in class, I could learn a lot by frequenting the skills center and the computer lab, and also by joining a conversation club group. And my TOEFL score. Wow, I couldn’t believe it. After one semester in level 138 and half a semester in 158, my TOEFL score was 633! I’m positive that TIEP is one of the BEST schools for ESL in America! Second of all, TIEP is located within walking distance of the University of Texas and its facilities, student dormitories and public transportation, which made things easier to me to enjoy life in Austin. Finally, I feel glad to have met there such nice people from different countries and made a lot of friends.