Kitty Garza - Texas Intensive English Program

Kitty Garza

My name is Kitty Garza. I am from Monterrey, Mexico, and I have now completed level 160 at TIEP. First, I would like to thank all the teachers, administrative staff, and students for your support through this academic year at TIEP.

TIEP gave me several wonderful experiences, understanding, skills, judgment, practice, anecdotes, that I will remember all my life. But I can distinguish three aspects that are the most important.

TIEP helped me to discover my potential. Sometimes we don’t realize all the abilities that we have, and we don’t know what we are capable of accomplishing in life. For this reason, every homework that I turned in, every test that I took, every essay that I wrote, every speech that I presented to the class and every day that I came to class, helped me understand my potential, and now helps me to acknowledge my strengths and my weaknesses and to discover that I can achieve my goals in life no matter the obstacles and difficulties. Also, TIEP helped me to identify my limits but also to challenge myself in ambitious or crucial activities that demand the best from me. I had to build my character in order to accomplish the demanding courses at TIEP. After my time at TIEP, I am stronger and confident to continue my goals.

The second important aspect is that TIEP gave me the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world. During this time I have met the most valuable people from Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, Africa, Uruguay and many other countries who have helped me to recognize their beautiful culture and build new friendships with people from different places. Each of you has taught me a wonderful lesson that I will never forget and gave me the most beautiful gift that I will keep in my soul through my life… your friendship.

Finally, I want to recognize the teachers such as Mathew, Charles, Crystal, and Eric who have helped me to accomplish my goals and given me support through all this time. I will never forget Eric’s questions about “What does this mean?” that I sometimes didn’t have an answer for. I will never forget the interesting conversations with Mathew that made me interested in different news from the world. I will never forget the support from Crystal that helped me to be a better student at TIEP.

I want to thank again the administrative staff for all your attention and the academic directors like Mimi and John who gave me support every time that I needed it.

For the students that are starting at TIEP, and for those that are in the middle of the road, remember that this is your opportunity to become better persons. It is your opportunity to build your character. It is your opportunity to discover your potential. It is your opportunity to meet wonderful people. Thomas Alva Edison said: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”