Karina Merino Hinojosa - Texas Intensive English Program

Karina Merino Hinojosa

Austin offers the opportunity to feel a good international atmosphere. People here are so affable and kind. They say Hi with a smile when you walk on the streets, and believe me when you are a foreign student, that expression comforts your soul and it relieves the loneliness that you might feel when you miss home.

I have been in TIEP for two semesters and the experience has become one of the most important in my life. TIEP is undoubtedly, the best beginning to improve your knowledge not only in English but also in a cultural way. The extraordinary kindness of their staff and faculty transform the building into a place where feeling as a part of a family is their target, and they do it easily for each of us.

As international students we do not only face a different country and language; we also live by ourselves, we have been through many personal changes and learned many new things, we have all matured in so many ways. Due to the exceptional qualities of the faculty, by their side we find it easier to walk through this path. They show us that challenges can be faced. We are initiating a new stage in our lives, and we should do it with hope and courage.

Of course, what would it be for us without friends? Instead of saying how wonderful the multiculturalism that we could find at TIEP is, I just want everyone to think about the person you trust the most in this school. I just want to prove that we didn’t see differences between nationalities. We see friends, and my hope is that you will be able to make lifelong companions as I hope I did here.

Now I know I’m a better person because of you, because the experience I got when I met you, but mainly because now you are part of my life. Thank you very much for these great memories and for teaching me that in spite of the troubles, I can find people like you with whom I can sing, Don’t worry, Be happy.

From the heart Thank you TIEP for teaching me that the knowledge is also beyond the school.