Dongjae (Justin) Lee - Texas Intensive English Program

Dongjae (Justin) Lee

TIEP teachers, and TIEP staff, and representative, and my colleagues. Above all, it is a great honor for me to have an opportunity to say farewell in this luncheon and closing ceremony.


Exactly 4 weeks ago, we had arrived here in Austin. At that time, it seemed to me that not only I but also other colleagues felt a kind of nervousness because we were outsiders in the Austin community and didn’t know how we would be trained and educated. However, after 4 weeks of TIEP program, now, we all feel that we became insiders of Austin.


You teachers and TIEP members make us feel comfortable and motivate us not only to delve into the ocean of English but also magic us to assimilate into a new environment.


We really thank you for your kind and thoughtful guidance. We feel you are more than skillful instructors. You are reliable diplomats and friends.


You upgraded our command of English. However, we all learned more than that. You gave us a special present, the unforgettable and invaluable memories.

We all will return to our hometowns in Korea in a week, and then, whenever, we use English, and whenever we think, and hear of the U.S., we will open the box of invaluable memories you gave us.


We really appreciate, respect and like you.


Thank you.