Danielle Barbosa - Texas Intensive English Program

Danielle Barbosa

Learning a new language in a foreign country is a wonderful experience, especially if you choose a cool city like Austin to live in. Choosing a good school to fulfill your necessities is also very important.

Studying at TIEP is very interesting for several reasons. First, it is located in central Austin, so you get public transportation easily. The teachers are well prepared; they have a lot of experience, and they are always ready to deal with different kinds of students. In addition, you may meet nice people who come from different countries, and make good friends. Finally, TIEP offers both a computer lab and a skills center where the students can spend the afternoon either studying or using the Internet. I recommend you come to Austin to enjoy this outstanding city, and if you want to study English, I suggest TIEP to you because it is really a very good school.