Ali Mohammed Baqer - Texas Intensive English Program

Ali Mohammed Baqer

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Who knows the name of the person who said it? It’s Lao Tzu, a very famous Chinese philosopher. This proverb is very important to me not because I can trace it back to my own first steps, but because I can remember the great times we had while I was taking these steps.

We are all here on this very special day. Every one of us had a first step towards something. As for me, I had first steps to many things that I want to accomplish, but the most important is “success.” So take a guess on MY first step, grade 1? Go back a little, kindergarten? A little farther, yes! The day I was born.

Looking at those two beautiful faces of your parents and listening to their soothing voices gives you the first step towards success, “consciousness.”

Like all human beings, I grew up and said my first word, which was “baba.” The point is that the other step materialized: “education.” Now education is -to me- the epitome of success, because without education, I’m like a tree without a root. I went to three different schools back in my home country, and now I am here in TIEP, and my experiences here were all life-changing. I remember the first day, the day when I first entered the level 160 class. And once I saw my classmates, I knew that they are all going to be great people in my life.

So I would like to thank my friends who supported me and made a difference in my life; they actually helped make my path towards success… clearer. They all helped me at times when I wanted them the most, and they never stopped supporting me, why? Because they believed in me. Like they say “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” I would also like to thank my friends who are students here -like you all- and sponsored by our company back in Oman. Every day with them was a treasure worth storing in the deepest parts of my heart. They also helped me enhance my experience, so you guys rock.

I would also like to thank the people who gave me these language skills and made me transcend higher and higher towards success, teachers, as well as my tutor and my afternoon class teacher. They never lost their smile -that’s one thing that I HAD to mention- and they were always supportive. They were carefree, kind, and they taught me many things that you cannot imagine.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the geniuses that actually made my steps a reality, my parents. They are these people that you are blessed with. Whatever step you have, let it be “experience” or “love” or “happiness”, your parents were the source of those steps. Only two people, and what a difference they can make in your life. You will never see someone as effective as your parents. So thank you God for giving me such amazing people in my life.

This could be our last day, and it is a memorable one. We, the students of 160, would like to wish you all good luck on your studies and your work, and I -personally- would like to advise you to stay firm, go head on, and reach your own thousand miles. So thank you all, as for me, I have a trip towards a thousand miles.